KLets - Voice control 2.6.1

Source:Luca De Petrillo

Control your phone while you are driving your bike or your car without the need to check and use the screen! Start calls to contacts and numbers, send messages, play music, handle lost calls, unread messages and more only with your voice.

You can start Voice Control with a long press on search button (for equipped phones), with the green button on application main screen, or with the button for voice calls of the Hands-Free Android compatible bluetooth device.

Fully available in: English and Italian
Beta translations availables for: French, German, Spanish and Russian

Before buying the full version, please check the application compatibility with your phone, bluetooth device and voice installing the free version called Voice Control Lite.

The voice recognition technology used is the one offered by the phone (usually is used Google Voice Search, but alternative voice recognition engines can be installed and used).
Voice Control tries to correct all possible misinterpretations, but the precision and quality of voice recognition depends on the used engine.
Furthermore, some engines could require an internet connection (Google Voice Search requires it).

If you have any question, trouble or advice please contact me by email or site forum, and remember to take a look at the application web site for latest news and info. Thank you!

The available voice actions and commands are:
- Call a contact
- Compose a number
- Send a message to a contact
- Listen to a song, a playlist, an album or all songs from an artist (listen to a playlist, an album and to all songs from an artist works and has been tested only with Google Music Player, PowerAMP and Winamp)
- Manage lost calls
- Manage unread messages
- Start the navigation to a destination (actually works only with Google Navigator)
- Stop the navigator (may not works with all Phones and version of Google Navigator)
- Start an application
- Add an event to calendar (only for Italian, English, French, German and Spanish)
- Help action do ask what can be said
- Action to know current date and time

Know problems:
- Voice recognition technology ha problems recognizing words in a language different from the configured one, fantasy words or abbreviated words. So are expected problems for contact with foreign, abbreviated or fantasy names or when play songs with a foreign title. However, for contacts, the nickname field can be use as alternative contact name.
- The speech recognition technology is sensitive to background noise when you dictate the action. Always try tospeak loudly and clearly as possible limiting the external noise.
- If a Bluetooth device is connected when you install Voice Control, you must disconnect and reconnect it, otherwise it will not be usable.

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